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The Origin of Imagination
42H x 53W, Oil on CanvasHeadwaters of the James
60H x 43W, Oil on BoardSnow in Patrick County
42H x 48W, Oil on BoardGoochland
28H x 36W, Oil on BoardMountain Man
38H x 48W, Oil on CanvasFire After the Storm
36H x 48W, Oil on BoardGood-bye Fare Ye Well
32H x 48W, Oil on BoardMeadows of Dan
34H x 48W, Oil on BoardThe Cedars, Charlottesville
9H x 12W, Oil on Canvas PanelHomeward Bound
40H x 60W, Oil on CanvasThe Road to Tree Hill Farm
18 1/2H x 24 1/2W, Oil on Canvas PanelGraduation Day
24H x 36W, Oil on BoardThe James River, Early Evening
30H x 34W, Oil on Canvas PanelAhead of the Storm
18H x 30W, Oil on BoardTree Hill Farm, Late Summer
17 1/2H x 22W, Oil on Canvas Panel